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About Melissa Brown

Melissa has been on her healing path since she was seventeen. She knew that by healing herself and gaining the awareness of her body and health that she could help other people find their way too. Melissa has studied various forms of healing from several cultures and religions. She finds that human touch and light energy and exchange are extremely important to maintain balance in our lives. With a degree in Medical Anthropology, Melissa has a passion for culture and various forms of healing practices and beliefs. She is open to going on journeys with her clients and helping to guide others to feel themselves, connecting mind and body.

Melissa was trained at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts where she studied various forms of healing, including Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Hot and Cold Stone Healing Massage, Swedish massage and Chair Massage. She has been practicing for twelve years.

Melissa is certified through the Northwest Hellerwork program. She is very excited about going deeper into healing and helping bodies re-align and free the body of pain.

Melissa is also a musician and dancer and loves the form of African dance and music. She believes that being connected to one’s body is very important and encourages others to find movement in their lives. Melissa also teaches movement education which is part of her Hellerwork program.

Melissa has traveled to Africa to study as well as give sessions to people suffering from HIV-related illnesses. She plans to return to work in clinics and help others who don’t have the opportunities that we have here for healing.

Melissa’s sessions are designed to go deeper and she creates a lot of intention into her sessions. Each session is specific to the client’s needs and can blend several different modalities to help free her clients of pain and tension. She also believes in educating her clients so that they can continue to feel well in their bodies, minds and spirits.

Mobile or chair massages are available as well as standard sessions at Melissa's massage studio, to suit your needs.

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