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Dancing Hands - Hellerwork

HELLERWORK is a unique and powerful combination of deep-tissue structural integration, bodywork, movement education and dialogue. This 11-section series transforms your relationship with your body and with your experience of being alive. Hellerwork follows the Rolfing series, the work developed by Ida Rolf. 


The bodywork is a systematic ‘hands on’ process working with the connective tissue to realign the entire musculo-skeletal structure, restoring balance and ease to the body.


The movement education process guides you to move in ways that minimize effort and tension while maintaining and improving the bodywork results.


The dialogue process leads you to explore how your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings impact in and through your body, empowering you to take the results out into your life.

We invite you to begin the transformation of your body and your life through the dynamic experience of Hellerwork Structural Integration.

  • fuller and easier breathing
  • improved postural alignment
  • increased length and ease in the body
  • freedom from chronic pain and injuries
  • enhanced flexibility in movement
  • reduced stress and tension
  • expanded energy, vitality & aliveness
  • Hellerwork Structural Integration is a powerful system of somatic education and structural bodywork, based on the inseparability of body, mind, and spirit. Following Ida Rolf’s lineage of Structural Integration bodywork, Joseph Heller incorporated movement education/awareness and body-centered human development processes, creating Hellerwork.

  • Deep tissue bodywork combined with movement education and dialogue of the mind/body connection guides you to new options, both physically and emotionally. Hellerwork S.I. encourages you to make the connection between movement and body alignment. Hellerwork restores your body's natural balance from the inside out.

  • During the 11-section series, the structural balance of your body is realized through the systematic release and reorganization of muscle and connective tissue using a variety of deep-tissue bodywork techniques. When your body comes into alignment within the field of gravity, chronic pain and tension dissipate. A comfortable sense of support replaces the stress and strain of carrying your body through life.

  • Movement education is incorporated to enhance fluidity and ease of motion and helps you develop a deeper awareness of your body and its expression in the world.

  • Self-awareness facilitated through dialogue is an important component of the Hellerwork S.I. series. As your body releases patterns of tension and stress, new options of support and fluidity become available. Emotionally, new options also become available. Guided dialogue enhances a deeper awareness of your emotional and cultural patterns, allowing for choice and change.
Hellerwork Structural Integration is based on the assumption that every person is innately healthy. Your results are maximized by creating a deeper experience of the integrity in your body, your movement, and in your relationship with yourself and the world around you.


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