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Dancing Hands

Hellerwork and Massage

Victoria, BC

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I first met Melissa through work when I was getting a chair massage. I had a lot of stress in my shoulders and Melissa knew exactly where to push! I would go for massages two or three times a month. I felt more relaxed after a massage so I asked Melissa if she had her own business.
I started going to Melissa for a full-body massage. I really enjoy my massage when Melissa uses the hot rocks. I feel so revitalized and energetic when I leave! I am now getting massages every month! It is a wonderful treat to myself! I have recommended Melissa to my friends and co-workers. I even bought a gift certificate and gave it to a friend as a Christmas gift. --Janet Harwood

Melissa has a natural gift connecting modern and traditional massage techniques, such as hot rocks, with every session. She is energetic, pro-active and focussed and very able to apply her expertise to maximize the experience. --Terry Globman

With great sensitivity and a soothing touch, Melissa has a gift for finding and releasing points of tension. Her massage is both gentle and deep, resolving specific areas of tightness while also creating a blissful state of relaxation. --Nowick Gray

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